Mid Summer BOREDOM is GOOD!

Its midsummer but there is still time to do it all, including being BORED! Children need lazy summer afternoons with not much happening. Finding that SWEET SPOT of “just enough” activity without over-scheduling is the goal.

Are you making the most of the opportunity to connect with your kids? We have a few more suggestions for you to get you through the last 6-8 weeks!

Kids pick up your attitudes. If you are stressed, they will be stressed. They will fight with their siblings or friends and frustrate you even more! Whether you work everyday or not, there are ways you can dial down the stress.

A few ideas and reminders

  1. evening walks/bike ride

  2. a yoga video (youtube has tons)

  3. pull out a canvas (pizza boxes make great easels) or paper and paint.

  4. swim

  5. play a board game

  6. if you live near or vacation near the beach, have a dinner picnic, bring a bag and clean up together

  7. clean out your closets, take donations to your local shelters, they love taking sheets and towels to the animal rescues too. Ask if you can walk the dogs as a family?

  8. make homemade ice-cream together. Remember you don’t need an ice-cream maker. Use rock salt and eco friendly bags. Tons of recipes online!

  9. set up a splash festival in your backyard with the neighbors!

Helping our kids develop a healthy relationship without technology is very important especially during the summer when they are not worried about school work, extra curricular activities and deadlines. Very important to be comfortable in your own company.

One of our favorites is trying something NEW in the summer. This year we have embraced PICKLEBALL, its not only for retirees! The game is addicting and you can play wherever you are on vacation. Several hotels and vacation clubs are adding courts to their amenities. There is also no time like the summer to experiment and play with creativity. We also have enjoyed having friends over to paint with acrylics, specifically Acrylic pouring. As you know, the more you limit their screen time the better kids get at finding creative things to do with their time.

Institute daily reading time and regular library visits. Times disappears when you open a good book! We all know that reading is also very highly correlated with school achievements.

We have no doubt you are having an amazing summer, encourage your family to come up with their ideal summer fun and make them happen. Share them with us! We would love to read about them!

Take lots of pic, finish your summer with a wonderful summer album, showcase it at your labor day BBQ!