SGT's Less Stress Summer

Less Stress Summer

Summer is around the corner strong families! Ready to unplug?

Thought we’d share a few of our favorites with our incredible families!

Do you have broken crayons? Remove the paper wrappings (soaking them in water works best) and melt them into new shapes using a solar oven! Making a solar oven with the kids is easy! Crayola crayons seem to melt best out of the brands we have tried; I also find that they are the most vibrant and satisfying to color with.

Kids love to make big art, and in the summer time you can take this activity outside! I find that flattened cardboard boxes – opened up and flattened out – make brilliant canvases for kids.

Sensory activities are a great way to calm kids down and get them focused on a task. Sensory play can also get quite messy, so I love taking it outside when I can! One of our favorite activities is to make oobleck (water mixed with corn starch – you can play around to find your favorite ratio) and combine it with washable paint to make colors! Add a bit more paint and corn starch to your water to create vibrant sidewalk paint! Chalk your sidewalks in the neighborhood and leave awesome artwork and motivating words! We’ve often left messages for the neighbors with birthdays, sickness or just because we love them!

Make some sneaky art! While visiting places this summer have the kids paint rocks with happy words, design wine corks with wiggle eyes, colorful pipe cleaners, pom poms and sharpies and leave them on grocery shelves and library shelves. We have made the cutest little critters! You can also make bookmarks with inspiring words and leave them in books, mailboxes or secretly place them where someone would be delighted to find it.

We’d love to hear about your favorite summer activities! Please share!

Casey Jones