Lillian - Co-founder, wellness coach and SGT Boca Raton

I'm a first generation American from Denver, Colorado. We moved to Florida in 1973 and have spent over forty of my years in South Florida.  I am married to my best friend Patrick, mom to two adult sons and a mimi to a very strong 3 year old girl.  My background is in Early Childhood Development. Currently I work as a certified wellness and life coach and I am a yoga instructor for kids and teens.  I have finally found a way to project all my passions and encourage others to join our community for the greater good. 

“Investing in our girls emotionally and spiritually collectively make for a better community. When girls are educated, healthy, and empowered, families are healthier and stronger.” 

Elizabeth- co-founder, Business coach and Mentor

Originally from Texas, I landed in Florida three years ago and I can't get enough of the beach! I'm married to Chuck and we have two strong girls, Elliott and Kit.  I've spent my career as a business coach, consulting and growing  small businesses that are predominantly female-owned and operated.  I'm committed to give all girls the empowerment, encouragement and community they need to live the life they want, raising each other up as we go.  My favorite food is Tex-Mex and my favorite color is blue.

“Our mission is to create safe spaces in our communities of girls that foster empowerment, creativity and friendships.” 



TIMNEY- SGT Coral SPrings

Hello! I’m a native Floridian and a product of Broward County Public Schools. I’m a FIU graduate and obtained my master’s in special education with an autism endorsement. For the past six years, I’ve been a Broward County Public Schools Special Education Teacher. My boyfriend and I live together with our wild cat, Zoey. In my spare time, I visit my loving parents and spend time with my two amazing nephews who are the apple of my eye. I love music, traveling and meeting new people. I’m extremely excited to start this new journey and inspire all the young women I meet and to help them reach their full potential. 

“The future is female.”


Sam - SGT Weston

Originally from Sussex in England, Sam Wilson now resides with her husband, 2 children, dog Jim and cat Toothless in Sunny Florida. Sam's mantra is "Give & Grow". Certified as a Reiki Master Teacher, Yoga instructor, Mindfulness Coach and Moon Mother. Sam is passionate about guiding the next generation of females on their path, ensuring they know their worth, strengths and unique gifts.

“ You my sweet are a goddess, you have unique gifts as a female that will empower your world and others - let’s uncover your magic

Holly - SGT Wilton Manors @ Meditate School Of Mindfulness

Hello! I am a native Floridian, married to Matt and the proud mother of one incredibly strong girl, Kalia! I currently work as an adjunct psychology professor at Broward College and as Meditation Instructor at Meditate School of Mindfulness & Healing Arts. I have an extensive background in psychology and animal behavior and as a graduate student I was chosen to work with a unique family of chimpanzees who had been taught to communicate using American Sign Language. Through my conversations with the chimpanzees, I developed a profound appreciation of the interconnectedness of all living things. I am a passionate advocate for the earth and spend my spare time volunteering with my daughter for a local sea turtle rescue organization. I lead from the heart and I am passionate about empowering and helping our strong girls connect to the authentic love and light in their own hearts.

“The more we connect with our hearts, the more we illuminate our inner being and radiate our authentic presence out into the world.”

Stronger-Girls-Together-Holly-Wilton Manors


ALICIA - SGT Delray Beach @ Sunflowers Creative Arts

Born and raised in New Zealand, growing up I spent my free time building huts with my friends in the gully and tramping in the bush with my family. I’m married to a Math Professor, Edoardo from Rome, Italy and we currently live in Boca Raton. We have a very strong toddler, named Gaia, and are expecting our second child, due in January. My background is in teaching all ages and I have a passion for yoga, the beach, natural living, conscious parenting, and making things with my hands… one day I even want to build and live in a tiny house! I come from a country where women were the first in the world to receive the right to vote, so female empowerment is in my blood. I’m so excited to share this journey with a wonderful group of strong girls as they grow and discover just how awesome they are!


Jennifer - SGT Parkland

MOMASTE! I am a proud Parkland resident, having raised my 3 children here, who are now 22, 19 & 16. I started out in Elementary Education (actually picked up my cap n’gown & my wedding dress on the same day) enthusiastically jumped into teaching in elementary & middle school, then while i had 2 of my own toddlers, decided it was a good idea to run Co-op Pre Schools. After the birth of my 3rd child, I had the privilege of becoming a SAHM. Those years proved to be the most rewarding but challenging years of my life. What I learned has been profound and humbling life lessons and over the years my personal goals have shifted. I now focus on how to live a balanced, meaningful life of joy, raise my children more consciously and acknowledge the importance of my role as a Female Leader in my community. As I now find myself in a new chapter in my life, I am honored to serve and support the women and my sisters in my community as Holistic Birth Doula, Healing Yoga Arts Instructor and Transformational Life Coach. 

“I want every girl to know that her voice can change the world” - Malala